Security Services

The heart & the soul of the Pioneer Facilities Pvt Ltd. totally in conserving nature. Our vision is to a graceful planet.

At Pioneer we keep your premises safe & peaceful through our intelligent security systems. By identifying specific threats, Pioneer security works together with our customers where they are vulnerable. We also identify the measures to reduce risk and constantly review security measures & drills. The security gadgets are periodically upgraded with latest technology.

An enthusiastic group of veterans who had served in the army and police realized the loopholes present in the existing security protocols followed and the need to revamp this unorganized sector. Having served all their lives in the forces themselves, they felt that Ex Servicemen were the best, whose high level of training, dedication and unquestionable integrity could be channelled to train the civilian counterparts into a formidable force.

The idea took shape and along the way Pioneer Guarding had a large number of highly reputable Ex Army, Navy, Air force and Police personnel joining in strengthening the organization.


Pioneer knows the importance of experienced, dedicated and well trained resources. We have embraced technology as an integral tool of our security and surveillance services, however we also know that “Change is Inevitable” and is best prepared than risk life or Information.

Pioneer Facilities Pvt Ltd  Understands what is required to have a strong and fool proof security system solution in place. To achieve what is necessary we have a commendable team of personnel, regular drills, trainings and sessions are to be done to assess risk factors, drive opportunities, work on our weaknesses and enhance our strengths.

At Pioneer we seriously focus on the quality of the man power, which keep improving with the continuous training. We have coordinated and organised training sessions with Authorised Training Agency to train our personnel and help them become subject matter experts on these subjects.

We take special care in imparting basic training to all the personnel at Induction. We conduct in-house training at induction and refresher training capsules.We further provide training as per the client’s requirements at the client’s location.

The training sessions are designed and equipped to produce trained guards to meet the growing requirements of clients. These guards are trained on physical training, drill, subjects pertaining to profession of security, method of guarding installations, offices, factories, clinics & Hospitals, customs & etiquette, mannerism, first aid, firefighting, traffic signal & traffic control methods, moral learning, Basic English learning, crisis & security management.

We provide services broadly under following heads:


•        Industrial Security

•        Corporate Security

•        Bank and Schools Security

•        Multi-storied building Security

•        Hotel Security