From last 5 years, our Operations & Maintenance contracts division is working 24 hours towards goal of zero downtime. We are awarded & appreciated by our operations & maintenance client for our unmatched service & dedication.

Most of our annual operations & maintenance contracts are from our previous clients. They keep repeating us & we keep upgrading our services to delight them. Our operators & technicians are trained frequently & regularly to get equipped with latest service tools.

We have our operation & maintenance contracts across major segment of industries like textile, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, etc. We offer O & M services for all the utility equipments – mechanical or electrical. Our operators & technicians are experienced, skilled & most importantly dedicated.

Our main aim is client satisfaction. the assure that our client is made satisfied by our effective workforce.

we have been working in steam production department and also handle all boiler related equipment’s and ensures that all the things run smoothly & reliably. We also do consulting job in some of our client company to solve boiler related problems & troubleshooting. the main services includes Boiler operation, preventing maintenance of boiler, preparing for annual inspection and boiler passing, maintaining shift checklist for corrective o boiler maintenance and lubrication job. ensuring the standby equipment and ready for in case of any breakdown of equipment’s.

Regular boiler cleaning and inspection ensures breakdown free operation of your equipment. We have a specialized team that undertakes boiler cleaning activities. We deploy various machines required for comprehensive cleaning of the equipment – water jets, chemical cleaning, mechanical cleaning, etc. We also undertake any maintenance work required for the optimal functioning of the boiler, including but not limited to, retubing, tube repair, plugging, shell repair, etc.

Minor repairs can grow into major issues if they aren’t handled by an experienced and professional industrial boiler repair company.

All boiler maintenance are done by RENEGER Revolutions professional boiler technicians.



In Pioneer we focus on providing best quality services on affordable price, through best quality of services and material we have empaneled many good fuel provider, we increase the production and minimize the fuel consumption which results the low cost of operation and through regular inspection of boiler we make sure to maintain good health of boiler which results low cost in maintenance. While taking contract we do deep survey of the boiler and recommend our client many things which helps them to reduce cost, like actual required manpower, changes in operation process, required maintenance to improve the production of the boiler and many more things.


Being two veteran Army Officer in board who were involved in the safety of the nation our main focus is always working in safe environment, we provide fire and safety training to all our staff and if required we also arrange safety training for Client staff, we believe that practice makes the man perfect so we along with the safety we polish our operation team through regular SOP training to make sure defect free work. We also provide all safety equipment’s all PPE to our staff.

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We offered many services under one umbrella, biggest challenge in running boiler is getting good quality fuel in time, we observed that this is the most unprofessional sector in many companies administration always run behind the fuel vendor to deliver fuel in time, we have many good vendors in our empanelment who provide good quality of material in desire time after taking contract it’s totally our responsibility to maintain 0 down time, also we look after all the compliances part of labour and boiler inspection our team will helps company for yearly Boiler inspection, we have good coordination with IBR authority, we assist company in all aspects of boiler related issues, which reduce management complexity.